Year Show As Company
2023 Unannounced Disney+ series To be announced Disney+
2022-3 Carthago Herman 24 Drafts & Kanal-11
2022 Moon Knight Steakhouse Waiter Marvel, Disney+
2022 The Patient Psychiatrist The Chase Films
2022 Antigone Creon Pinkdown Theatre
2022 Leopard Heels Anton Gregory Favourite Colour: Black
2021 Save Luna Daniel Trigg Wild Kate Pictures
2021 In the Name of God The Devil G22 Studios
2021 Etherial Living Father Farrell Allone Productions
2020 Murder in the Car Park Det Supt Douglas Campbell Bruce Goodison,
Indefinite Films for C4
2019 How to Dress for The Apocalypse Stan (principal) Viatorem Productions
2019 The Lock Keeper Stanley (lead) Ubik Kollective
2019 Ollivander's "...Fine Wands since 382 B.C." Wandkeeper (lead) Universal Studios Japan
2019 City of Stories Beowulf Storyteller, Geoffrey of Monmouth, voice of Tolkein Broken Antler
2019 Scaresville Alien Autopsist, Zombie Priest, Shaman, Ticket seller Kentwell Hall
2019 A Christmas Carol Scrooge Kentwell Hall
2018 Genius: Picasso Inspector Robert Fox21 / Nat Geo
2017 Inclusive Learning Leadership Drama Michael Skill Boosters
2017 Diversity: Gender Matters, Understanding Bias Andy Skill Boosters
2017 Undisclosed Bruce Goodison project To be announced (for C4) To be announced
2017 The Sisters Brothers Horse-Dealer Annapurna Pictures & Why Not Productions
2017 Death of the King Old Jack (principal) ImmerCity
2017 The Master of York Moishe Eagle Lion Monster Films
2017 The Job Bill (lead) MACAW Media
2016 Yeast Baker (lead) Lucid Interval
2016 Climate Success UN Project Manager CNBC
2016 Undercover Hooligan Goodall Picture Perfect
2016 Candida (GB Shaw) Burgess (principal) Sturdy Beggars
2016 Genius Jakob Einstein Fox21 / Imagine or Atlantic 2.1 Entertainment Group
2016 Dante's INFERNO Virgil (lead) VOX Vanguard
2016 Health assistance converstions Doctor Barr, Simon Green Shoots
2015 Trust Ford Employees behaviour video Meeter Greeter Simon Greene Associates
2015 A Lesson From Auschwitz Rudolf Höss (lead) Brother Wolf
2015 6 Days OB Technician GFC Films, Fightertown, and XYZ Films
2015 Spruce Goose Harley (lead) New Theatre Productions
2015 Present Perfect Dennis or Hugo (prinicpal) Sturdy Beggars
2015 Crowhurst Ronald Great Point Media
2014 Maksym Osa Prokopius Vogel (principal) Pronto Film
2014 The Gates of Vanity Ben (lead) Future Focus Films
2014 492 Korna Klub Father Clifford Simmonds (principal) Noh Budget Films
2014 11 Minutes 26 Seconds David Lewis (principal) London Calling
2014 In a Hole, The Dining Room, and Other Pieces Sir Robert Royle, MD (principal) / Farrar (solo) Frankland West
2014 Gooseberry Fool Reuben Green (cameo) Hungry Buffalo Media
2014 Wakeful Doctor Artym (principal) Greenwich University
2014 Change In Play Jack (lead) Family Codd
2014 The Renata Road Percival Lamb (lead) Beyond the Bar
2013 Treasure Rinser (lead) The Kill Shop
2013 Rock and a Hard Place Bill (lead) PathosTown
2013 Village Wooing (GB Shaw) A. (lead) Sturdy Beggars
2013 Leicester's Game Leicester (solo) Slate 7 Productions
2012 In Memoriam Paul (lead) Sturdy Beggars
2012 Pussy Cat Gregorz (lead) Brod Productions
2012 Glick's Last Tour Nathan Baldwin (lead) Slate 7 Productions
2011 The Pack Loner Toothpix
2011 Natascha Kampusch Wolfgang Priklopil (lead) UCA
2011 Zombie Resurrection Dr Christopher Sykes (lead) Charmed Apocalypse
2011 I Remember April Dougie (lead) Ubik Kollective
2010 The Host Dr Wilson (lead) Production London
2010 The Dumb Waiter Gus (lead) Sturdy Beggars
2009 Hughie (Eugene O'Neil) Erie Smith (lead) Sturdy Beggars
2008 Three Health Shorts: Depression, Breakdown, Return Narrator: (David Attenbro) Chad Cruz Shift
2008 Knuckle Curly (lead) Sturdy Beggars
2007 The Bespoke Overcoat Morry (lead) Sturdy Beggars
2006 Marx Bodfish (principal) Sturdy Beggars
2005 The Weir Jack (lead) Real Theatre Company
2005 Broken The Man (lead) Brand/Mason Productions
2004 Dancing at Lughnasa Father Jack (principal) NVCP
2004 Andromache Menelaus (lead) United Players of Vancouver
2003 Come Outside Noel (lead) Ubik Kollective
2002 The Passion (open air, Clapham Common) Pontius Pilate (principal) Ilyria
2001 Dust Adolf (cameo) Paranoid Celluloid
2000 Matrix (CD Rom) Morpheus (solo) Sheer Faith
2000 Time and Ms Tick Julian Goldbeg (lead) Cabaract
2000 Edward II Edmund (principal) Lazarus Theatre
1999 Spider's Web Oliver Costello (principal) English London Theatre
1999 The 13th Sign Riley (lead) Paranoid Celluloid
1998 The Black Monk (Chekov adaptation) Andrei Kovrin (lead) Bristol Travelling Theatre
1998 Peril at End House Vyse (principal) Newpalm productions
1998 Murder is Easy Rector, Rivers (cameos) Newpalm productions
1998 Glengarry Glenross James Lingk (principal) Sturdy Beggars
1998 The Black Monk (Chekov adaptation) Andrei Kovrin (lead) Bristol Travelling Theatre
1997 Look Back in Anger Colonel Redfern Theatre Niche
1997 Cyberpsyche (Way Out) Fugitive (lead) LFS
1997 Of Mice and Men Candy (principal) Pukka Theatre Company
1996 Macbeth Banquo (principal), Old Siward Pukka Theatre Company
1995 Albatross, Axis, X Dancer (contemporary) Lorent Ballet
1994 Enough is Enough (physical theatre) BNP Warrior, fascist man-child, playground victim, robotic sub-human, NF die-hard, Hate Shiva, prisoner, anarchist, silent minority, raucous majority, futurist Reflective